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Jessica Alpern Brown is a multidisciplinary artist who creates wearable, decorative and functional art for people, homes and public realms. She comes from a diverse background centered in the arts and has been mastering fabrication techniques for nearly 20 years. While she began her career as a photographer, Jessica is known for her multimedia cut paper works and use of innovative materials including acrylic, color shifting vinyl and non-toxic resin as well as sustainable metals and wood.

At the core of her practice is a belief that fine art can inspire functional design. Jessica is currently focused on making resilient, durable works that use color and light to bring beauty to ubiquitous objects and overlooked areas. Whether it's a tool for wayfinding, a necessary fixture or traditional wall art, she believes artwork is a unique conduit for shared experience and that even the most mundane object can provide an opportunity to make that experience positive.

She also believes that the best work comes from moments when thoughtfulness and skillful making intersect so she pursues both in equal measure. Jessica resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has exhibited in the southwestern PA region, nationally, and internationally. She was a Distillery resident at Brewhouse Association. She is represented by the Boxheart Gallery and is featured in the Monmade x CDCP Art Print Collection. Her work is also available through brink and mortar shops regionally and nationally.


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To receive a list of available works or discuss a commission please send an inquiry through the contact page.

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