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I made it into Associated Artists of Pittsburgh!

The Spring 2018 Associated Artists of Pittsburgh New Member Screening resulted in AAP's largest recorded applicant pool. As a result, AAP has a great group of new artist members. Thank you to everyone who submitted, the jury panel, and the work of our current members. It's because of your art, exhibitions, effort, etc. that AAP can attract these candidates. Thank you!

Congratulations to our 2018 new members: Jessica Alpern Brown, Erin Bechtold, John Belue, Heather Brand, Robert Buncher, Tana Cadena-Vuignier, Sean Carroll, Dennis Childers, Nicole Czapinski, Fabrizio Gerbino, Gil Gorski, Jon Hall, Henry Hallett, Joshua Hogan, Christine Holtz, Sarah Jacobs, Natiq Jalil, Elzbieta Kazmierczak, Mandy Kendall, Alexandra Lakin, Kristen Letts Kovak, Adam Linn, Katie McMurtry, Maura O'Connor, Susan Palmisano, Tracey Parker, Paul Peng, Joseph Ryznar, Liz Sabol, Lauren Scavo, Miriam Scigliano, Nick Silvis, Henry Simonds, Marc Snyder, Bernard Stote, Brenda Stumpf, Yu Su, Karly Takach, Ian Thomas, Mike Weber, Suzanne Werder, Bernie Wilke, Travis Winters, and Terri Wolfe Izzo!

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