“ pain suffered simultaneously both in the world and at the state of the world, with the sense that the two are linked.”


- Joachim Whaley, professor of German history and thought at the University of Cambridge.

Caring for the people and world around us is a complex landscape and Grief, like a natural disaster, alters its topography.


The process of mourning is an act of healing and  

hand cutting paper mirrors it in many ways. It is slow, but can not be rushed. It seems like you have made no progress until it is suddenly clear you have come a long way. Even when it’s finished you never feel done.


Using imagery of veils I hand cut a single sheet of paper, slowly connecting lines to extract what is no longer needed. The spaces created in this undertaking become shadow lands, reflecting the monumental effort of moving forward when you are forced to leave something or someone behind. . 


© 2020 by Jessica Alpern Brown