Anoxic waters are areas of sea water, fresh water, or groundwater that are depleted of dissolved oxygen. They are a natural phenomenon, but recently human caused eutrophication has increased the extent of the anoxic areas and sped up their creation.

Deoxygenated dead zones become uninhabitable to most marine life. However, jellyfish are drawn to and flourish in these areas of water found at sea.


To me they represent a shifting hierarchy. One in which apex-predators can no longer sustain their position and the ability to survive in extreme conditions becomes paramount. 

As a Human who is aware that my species is in large part responsible for this change, I find jellyfish both fascinating and a terrifying warning of things to come.


Using trash generated through my daily habits and found objects I create these pieces as subtle reminders of the need to alter our impact. 

© 2020 by Jessica Alpern Brown